Make Sure Your Pool Stays Clean

Hire a trustworthy pool cleaning service in Tomball, TX

Cleaning your pool is a much bigger task than cleaning your bathtub. In addition to the size difference, you must pay attention to the chemical balance of your pool, the dirt and grime that builds up over time and the condition of your pool filters. Backyard Rescue Pools & Living of Tomball, TX offers the services you need to keep your pool clean and safe for swimming all season long.

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Have your pool cleaned on a regular basis

Have your pool cleaned on a regular basis

We offer the following services on a weekly, monthly or seasonal basis, as you prefer:

  • Pool inspections
  • Draining and acid washing – prevents algae, balances pH, removes stain, dirt and grime build-up and enhances the life of pool plaster
  • Filter cleaning – recommended every three to six months to ensure there is no build-up in DE and sand filters, which could lead to damage and costly repairs
Call on Backyard Rescue Pools & Living to keep your pool clean and pristine.